Uitzendbureau Watch Out. The benchmark for reliable flex work.

Watch Out for flex work

Watch Out initially started as an employment agency for the agricultural sector. Although greenhouse horticulture is still an important field, we also have clients in many other sectors. For instance, our Polish flex workers have also proven their worth to companies in the engineering, AGF and metal sectors. This is done per item or based on whole assignments.

Watch Out in the agricultural sector

Our employees are in demand among both production and commercial companies. We feel at home in the cultivation of vegetables, flowers and potted plants, and have experience with almost every type of cultivated product. This means we can quickly meet the personnel needs of our clients.

We possess specialised employees for warehouse activities, who can also deal with logistical tasks involving fork-lift trucks. As a result, Watch Out is perfect for commercial companies that mainly offer packaging, boxing and dispatching services.

Watch Out in the engineering sector

We assist many industrial engineering companies when they encounter capacity shortfalls. Our portfolio of Polish workers also contains many flex workers with an engineering background. We are particularly effective when supplying skilled workers for mounting and assembly activities.

Watch Out in the metal sector

Uitzendbureau Watch Out also has clients in the metal industry. These companies primarily deal with production activities. Our large portfolio of experienced workers allows us to respond quickly and ensure the continuity of our clients.

Watch Out in the AGF sector

Clients in the AGF sector are always pleased with the services offered by Watch Out. We have gained a great deal of experience in this sector in recent years, which means we can immediately supply the skilled employees you are looking for.