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Are you looking for work abroad? Don't know where to start? We are happy to help you!

Choose a company that takes good care of you and offers housing in addition to work. We also help with administrative matters. Get started at Watch Out employment agency!

We take care of you!

At Watch Out employment agency, you're part of a team, not just 'a' temporary worker. You'll receive personal guidance in your own language and thorough preparation so you won't be caught off guard when you arrive in the Netherlands

Housing & Transportation

Watch Out employment agency provides fully equipped houses and apartments. Additionally, transportation to and from work is arranged. 

Good Salary

We pay your salary weekly. This means that if you've worked a week with us, your salary will be transferred the following week. 

Personal Guidance

At Watch Out employment agency, we have several jobcoaches available who can assist you with all your questions in your own language. 

How does a day at Watch Out look like?

To answer this question, we spent a day with Monika and Kamil. From early morning to late evening, you can see below what to expect on a 'standard' day when working with us!

Well-orginazed houses

You don't only want a great job where you can earn well, but you also want you housing sorted out. Watch Out employment agency has various residential locations, all meeting the SNF quality mark. This means that the housing meets modern standards and is checked annually. We ensure that your housing is always nicely arranged!

The company cars from Watch Out!

Watch Out employment agency has its own fleet of modern cars. We do everything we can to ensure smooth transportation to work. In most cases, one of the employees takes on the role of driver. They are then responsible for the car entrusted to them. We expect all passengers to keep the car clean and deliver it in good condition.

Jobcoaches who can help you where needed

By Watch Out employment agency we have jobcoaches to answer all your questions in your own language.


Spare time

Watch Out employment agency offers you the opportunity to embark on an adventure in the Netherlands.

You can be housed with friends, family, or a partner and do fun things together in your free time. During your free time, you can get to know the area, visit interesting places, and meet up with friends from work.

For example, many people go fishing and do sports in the area. Additionally, the beach, Rotterdam, and The Hague are nearby.

In short: Apart from work, you have plenty of free time to do fun things!

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More about us!

We can tell you different things, but it is better if you take a look below at what your future colleagues do during work and in their free time

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you start working at the Watch Out employment agency in the Netherlands, there are a few things you should know. Our recruitment office in Poland will contact you as soon as you register. We organize transport to the Netherlands and ensure that you will be well received upon arrival. Upon arrival, we will help you with all administrative matters and together we will find a suitable employer. You will initially stay at our hotel in Hazerswoude-Rijndijk until we find accommodation for you. Your daily plan and other important information will be managed in our Plan4Flex app. For more details, you can always visit our FAQ page.