Uitzendbureau Watch Out. The benchmark for reliable flex work.

An employment agency that does things the right way

Production work plays a major role in the labour needs of our clients. And if everything is arranged effectively, there is less for them to worry about. That is why Watch Out assumes responsibility for the whole process.

Per item or based on whole assignment

We can take care of your whole production process or specific parts of it. This can be done per item or based on the whole assignment. This gives clients complete piece of mind and tells them exactly how much our activities will cost in advance. The only thing you have to do is say what needs to be done and when it must be completed. Watch Out will take care of the rest!

Experienced workers for all activities

We are able to offer experienced workers for all activities. If possible, we prefer to always assign you the same flex workers. If we assign you a large group of workers, one of them will always act as the team manager and serve as your point of contact. Team managers always possess the required communication skills, also in English.

Besides via your direct contact person, we also monitor progress via our field operatives. As a result, all employers can expect regular visits. This allows us to discover what is going on within your company. And if you have questions, we can offer you immediate assistance - by phone or on-site.

Fast service, competitive rates

Peaks in workload are often difficult to predict. However, in many cases, Watch Out can immediately supply extra labour capacity. And: at competitive rates, depending on the type of activities and the concerned period. Or do you want Watch Out to supply workers on a payroll basis or second them for a long period of time? We will be pleased to assist you.