Uitzendbureau Watch Out. The benchmark for reliable flex work.

An employment agency with extensive experience

Uitzendbureau Watch Out possesses experience in a wide range of sectors, from vegetables, flowers and potted plants in the greenhouse horticulture sector to welding in the metal sector. And from product assembly in the engineering sector to packaging peppers in the horticulture sector. We perform activities across most of the Netherlands, but primarily in the west.

The agricultural sector

Need to pick tomatoes or arrange potted plants? Need to harvest or package flowers? Watch Out can take care of all your agricultural activities. Our workers often have many years’ experience in the horticulture sector. This means they can also switch between various activities. Watch Out is not only able to assist you with production work; our worker portfolio also contains people with logistical experience, fork-lift truck drivers and service engineers.

The engineering sector

Engineers are in great demand. Your company cannot afford to slow down its production activities when you encounter staff shortages. But this won't be necessary because Watch Out is able to quickly offer the extra capacity you require. We can offer experienced workers for activities including welding, mounting and assembly.

The metal sector

It is not always easy to fill vacancies in the metal sector or to quickly respond to peaks in demand. Uitzendbureau Watch Out is able to offer specialised employees for all types of activities.

The AGF sector

Having recruitment difficulties? Then make sure this does not influence the continuity of your business. Watch Out is able to quickly offer you the extra capacity you need. Our workers have a lot of experience when it comes to activities like packaging and boxing.